AVT Translation

AVT Translation

Media is Today’s universal Language

By 2022, more than 80% of the internet traffic was allocated by videos. Therefore, companies that want their content to be accessible internationally have Audio-video translation investments as key in their marketing strategies. To maximize this investment return, you need to pick your AVT vendor carefully.

The AVT Business

We have in-depth knowledge and know-how of the various services that fall under the AVT umbrella


Transcription is to listen to audio/video files and convert their spoken content into written form. If you will have your audios/videos translated into multiple languages; it is more efficient to have the scripts transcripted first. Our trained teams work with English and Arabic content in an accurate and timely manner.


Subtitling is translating what is being said in the audios/videos and writing them on the screen. For more efficient subtitling, translators better have the script written with time codes to get the most accurate results and eliminate the hassle of a long semi-endless testing phase. This type of content requires highly skillful translators who are not only bilingual but rather bi-cultural. Therefore, we have hand-picked subtitling team who transcreate content on today’s latest technology.

Voice Over

Sometimes it is required to have the audio/video translation recorded in voice form instead of being read as subtitles. In order to ensure premium quality, we always work with native speakers of the required languages. We handle all the studio bookings, voice artists, and synchronization testing and provide you with your final videos hassle-free.

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