Market Educators

Arabize is the pioneer of the Content and Localization business in the Middle East. Since its establishment, we have trained all the premium calibers in the market. It is well-known that one year of experience in Arabize equals years of experience elsewhere. This reputation made us the first employment choice for fresh graduates which by time led us to open our own training center so we can increase the number of calibers in the market.

Bridging the Gap

There is a huge gap between the market needs and the education received by language and translation students in college. Whether they are technical skills or career management skills; we know exactly where the knowledge gap is and how to fill it. We will provide you with the latest techniques and top-notch tools to advance in your career.

Training Courses

We provide a wide range of courses that covers all the content and localization market needs. We also provide coaching and one-to-one trainings.

Post editing
Localization Fundamentals
SDL Trados & Localization Tools
Desktop Publishing
Terminology Management
Quality Assurance Techniques
Create a Vision for your Future
Planning with SMART objectives
Test Effectiveness & Efficiency

All the Business Tricks

Our competitive edge is having the know-how that differentiates between the good and the best. We will teach you the business tricks that can help you stand out. All our training programs are based on practical workshops where you can practice what you learn and receive feedback right away.

Tailored Training Services

We also provide tailored training services for companies who want their employees to advance in a certain content or localization area. All you need is a meeting to identify the requirements; and your training can be ready within a week.

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