Cultural Intelligence

Cultural Intelligence

Cultural Intelligence is Key for Global Communications

We effectively communicate intended messages using culturally-oriented language that goes straight to the hearts and minds of the target audience.

Our Cultural Intelligence Formula

We have worked in the cultural adaptation business for more than 28 years. Hence we know how word significance depends crucially on cultural connotation, emotional resonance, and social interpretation.

We skillfully craft your content in a way that retains its key essence; meanwhile we adapt its tone, images, controversial implications, level of humor, and idiomatic expressions to your target audience.

Let’s Cross Borders

We are your voice miles away to captivate hearts and minds. Let’s cross borders with our cultural intelligent content that is developed or translated by hand-picked team who are equally bicultural as they are bilingual.

Cultural Intelligence for All Services

Educational Content /Curriculums

e-Learning Content

Audio-Video Media Content

Branding & Marketing Content

Software Localization

Content that Delivers Your Voice Miles Away to Captivate Hearts & Minds

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