Technology: A Whole New Level

Technology is changing the face of the translation industry like never before. Tools are created every day to get translated content quicker and cheaper while improving quality. Each tool has qualified teams behind its great output, and needs a great team who can turn this output into proper use. Hence at Arabize, we combine technology with human expertise to create and translate content that sounds natural in the target language.

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Translation Asset Management

Tools that provides translation memories, glossaries, and style guides help linguists easily adhere to your brand rules and use old translations and terminology consistently.

Our OpEx Engineers and Consultancy team can help you create your own translation asset and make use of your past projects whether they are already in digital form or need digital transformation.

Quality Assurance Tools

Since we have worked in the translation and Localization industry for so long, we tried all the QA check tools in the market. We know each tool’s strengths and weakness and how to make workarounds to overcome them.

Arabize Technology Center also created our own QA tool to ensure it covers all our KPIs for a premium translation quality.

Machine Translation Quality Evaluation

MT quality is increasing every day; however this quality differs from field to another. At Arabize we have our own tool and procedure to assess the MT quality and the expected productivity from post-editors.

Terminology Extraction & Management

Efficient Terminology Management starts with proper extraction; hence, we have the expertise to choose the right tool for it depending on the project needs and timeline.

Arabize Technology Center has created our own terminology extraction tool that supports English and Arabic language pairs.

Source Text Analysis

Since we are ISO 17100:2015 certified, identifying the source text field is mandatory for all our projects. This resulted in creating our own tool to automate the process.

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