Whether you need Linguistic or Functional testing, Arabize can manage any of your testing needs for all types of applications, localization software, or online and desktop help. We can also conduct tests on different OS, platforms, and software versions using your testing scenario and our own.

Linguistic Testing

Linguistic testing is mandatory to create a product with high end-user acceptance. Conducted by experienced native language professionals, linguistic testing at Arabize ensures optimum linguistic quality of your product.

Linguistic Testing includes examining the following aspects:

  • Translation accuracy and consistency
  • Style consistency
  • Appropriate usage of field terminology
  • Compliance with industry standards
  • Compliance with style guide/branding guidelines
  • Target market/audience considerations

Functional Testing

Functional testing helps you catch potential performance issues upfront and reduce the cost of fixing them later on. Our testing experts make sure the final product functionality and layout elements are running smoothly by detecting and reporting any possible bugs or technical issues.

To ensure product works as expected, we examine the functionality of the following aspects:

  • Alignment and consistency of UI items (e.g. buttons and boxes)
  • Text truncation and overrun
  • Links and hotkeys
  • Page Sizing
  • Font Sizes
  • Character display
  • Correct Flipping
  • Bi-directionality (especially with Arabic, as a right-to-left language)

No matter what type of content or technical requirements you may have, Arabize has the right combination of expertise and resources to help you achieve your goals. Our qualified teams can identify and correct both functional and linguistic issues to ensure smooth international product releases.