Dynamic Process for Each Purpose

Everybody knows the usual translation process and its phases, but the whole trick is how this process can be adapted to serve different project requirements. A 100-word project will definitely have a different process than a million word project. Also the process for adapting an educational curriculum will differ from adapting a fashion website.

In-House Process Crafters

Luckily we have an in-house operational excellence team who check project requirements upon arrival and define the appropriate process for it. They use OpEx Six Sigma to achieve and maintain a competitive edge. Besides, they streamline our processes to provide the best products and services.

Data-Driven Decisions

Continuous data monitoring and analysis result in process changes that drive improvement. OpEx team create a “Continuous improvement culture” among the team where everyone shares the same mindset of optimization. They use Six Sigma and Lean tools for both Process Excellence and Process Documentation. To promote this culture, the highest management levels fully involve and support the team.

Knowledge Management and Best Practices

Real experience comes for those who analyze and assess what they do. Hence, we have post mortems for our projects to define what we did right and create best practice from it; and what we did wrong to avoid it in the future. The results are reflected in changing our processes and procedures, if necessary, so that the unmatched knowledge is in the hands of all team members.

Your Feedback is Our Guidance

Customer satisfaction is our main goal, so we take your recommendations, comments, and complaints so seriously. Any feedback is followed by root cause analysis along with corrective and preventive actions which are tested till proven effective.

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