Integration with AI Technology

Integration with AI Technology

Threat to Opportunity

Artificial intelligence had a disruptive effect on the content and localization markets; which was perceived by the majority as a threat that we need to defend ourselves against. Meanwhile, Arabize considered AI as an opportunity for further optimization and higher quality.

AI AS Our Best Ally

Considering AI as our best ally, we started using top-notch AI technology in our day-today tasks to reach maximum efficiency. We increased the speed and efficiency of all our processes. We also tested all the AI tools in the market that serve our Translation and Content industries and chose the ones providing the best quality.

The AI & Human Duet

By embracing AI, it gave us room to see its strengths and drawbacks and when exactly human intervention is needed. This synergy of collaboration is creating a new level of productivity, creativity, and problem solving capabilities. We expect this collaboration would last while human collaborators can stay updated on AI advancements and acquire new skills, while AI systems can be continuously trained and improved based on human feedback and expertise.

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