Web Content

Web Content Management (WCM) is a software tool used by technical and non-technical staff to manage the creation of structured web pages. It provides website authoring, collaboration, and administration tools for a web-based experience. Arabize WCM service helps making an organization’s website self-administrative, as well as reducing cost and time.

Using a WCMS helps in:

  • Saving time and money for regular website maintenance
  • Integrating, editing, and publishing content from multiple contributors
  • Enabling global contribution of content and information
  • Making content search-engine friendly (SEF) which facilitates Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Allowing a quick response to changes on competitors’ websites
  • Improving IT bottleneck in adding new content for any market changes
  • Managing and updating forums and blogs

A dynamic website creates the impression of a forward thinking company which is what Arabize provides through its Web Content service. Having expertise in both English and Arabic content management, our team of professionals guarantees working on bilingual layouts with well-known web content management systems. Such systems include: Drupal, Joomla!, Typo3, IBM Web Content Management, MS SharePoint, and WordPress.