Our Vision

To be the top Arabic content-related service provider


To be a global reliable partner for top quality content

Who We Are

Arabize is a leading Arabic content provider that was founded and headquartered in Cairo in 1994. Following the most internationally acknowledged quality standards; Arabize provides top quality content-related services; including localization, translation, transcreation, MT, content development and management, testing, digitization and desktop publishing.

Creating the ecosystem of the content and localization industry, Arabize establishes a training center to develop translators and content developers to meet the market requirements. In addition, the company becomes Authorized TRADOS reseller for the Arabic market.

We pride ourselves on serving over 500 topnotch direct and indirect clients from every continent for the past 25+ years in diverse sectors.







Success Story

  • Arabize was founded in 1994 as a limited liability company by visionary and entrepreneur Manal Amin (Company CEO). At that time, the attention to the Arabic language, along with the advancement in technology and internet, was not recognized by many. Arabize was started with a vision to be one of the pioneering content and localization companies in the region. That vision saw the importance of maintaining the integrity of the Arabic language and having a reference for consistency to harmonize projects.
  • Arabize has grown rapidly ever since, offering more and more services. The services began with localization and translation, and then progressed to include content development, content management, testing, Transcreation, Desktop Publishing, and MT. Furthermore, Arabize experience widened to include a variation of fields, geographic spans, tools, and technology.
  • The company is now creating an ecosystem to serve all aspects of the Content and Localization industry. This includes having its own training center that lead the content and localization training business in the Middle East. This along with being the responsible of Elia Exchange program in the Middle East and SDL Authorized Reseller.
    It gives us pride to do everything with excellence and that we are incomparable in the Arab region.
  • Understanding the pro standards made Arabize the choice for multinational companies like Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, and Multi Lingual Vendors (MLV). Making sure it had the proper certifications to make it qualify for any project type, made Arabize get the International Organization for Standardization. Arabize achieved official ISO 9001:2000 Certification in 2005, ISO 9001:2008 Certification in 2008, EN 15038:2006 Certification in 2009 and finally ISO 17100 in 2015.
    The once 3-employee small company now operates with more than 100 employees in four premises around the Middle East and Europe. We also pride ourselves on serving over 500 topnotch direct and indirect clients from almost every continent and completing over 1400 projects yearly.


Arabize staff are a comprehensive team who retain the same company values by being the embodiment of commitment, agility [..]


Arabize values define, govern, and guide its performance and communication. We ensure that these values reflect Arabize [..]


Working for 30 years in the localization and content-related services, our clients have always been our partners in success. [..]