Quality Imporvement

The Quality Improvement division in Arabize employs a Quality Management System which is a recognized framework that complies with the latest international standards. It also employs Performance Measurement System which includes variety of measures to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of every action in the company.

The Performance Measurement System is also applied through various techniques. Dashboards are used to statistically show the frequent performance of the employees. Balanced Score Cards are used to show the departments’ progress of achieving strategic objectives. Also Flowcharts and Process Maps are used to record the new methods, processes, new procedures and responsibilities.

Since Clients’ Satisfaction is our main goal, client complaints are handled with extreme care. An investigation occurs to detect the root cause of actual errors, followed by providing corrective and preventive actions to avoid errors in future projects. These preventive actions are reflected in the business processes and procedures to ensure consistent quality.

Moreover, Arabize has a Risk Management System according to standard AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 which is an important factor in its decision-making process and reliability approach. The risk management framework is integrated within the culture, processes; and structures of the company, in order to perform more efficiently towards any potential opportunities or threats that might occur.

This is what it takes to be the top-quality Arabic content provider in the market.