Localization Related Courses

Introduction to Localization

This introductory localization course is an excellent preparation for those who would like to join the Localization industry. It provides the learners with basic concepts and industry terminology, overview on translation and localization processes, as well as some useful search techniques.

The course has both technical and theoretical components, integrated to cover the basic knowledge required to advance smoothly in the localization industry.

Localization for Professors

This is a customized course designed specifically for Language and Translation university professors. The course provides: basic localization concepts and processes; industry-specific terminology; search techniques; practical aspects of help, documentation, and software localization; and localization tools.

Localization Tools (Trados)

The course provides the basic concepts and main components of localization tools. It trains the participants to professionally use the most commonly-known CAT tool worldwide, Trados, to localize and test websites, manuals, etc.

International Certified Translator/Interpreter Preparation

In cooperation with IQ-Translator and the Austrian Standards Institute, we provide this preparation course for professional translators and interpreters to obtain the LICS international certificates.

The course provides trainees with state-of-the-art knowledge on quality management system and administration processes for translation/interpretation service providers. The course covers other topics including human resources, technical resources, project management, and client relations.

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