Trados Technology

Arabize has become the authorized reseller for Trados language technologies in Egypt. We are more than happy to contribute to promoting the Language Service industry in Egypt on both the demand and supply sides. Whether individuals, companies, universities, translation offices, enterprises or any other entities, they will definitely find an appropriate solution for their needs.

If you are not sure how Trados tools can help you in your job, please contact us here.

The core software technologies include:

1. Trados Studio Professional
Trados Studio is a powerful and innovative translation memory and project management tool used by over 80% of the global translation supply chain, including corporations, translation agencies, and freelance translators. It is the world’s leading translation software. Easy to use yet powerful, this is the ideal product to start translating faster. It is chosen by 185.000 corporations, translation agencies and freelancers worldwide.
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2. Trados Studio Professional Network
Trados Studio Professional network license can be easily and automatically shared amongst multiple users, anywhere in the world, at any time.
Trados Studio can help you and your translation team complete translations up to 40% faster! Depending on the type of content being translated, this figure could increase further.
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3. MultiTerm Desktop
The most sophisticated terminology management tool to create and maintain term glossaries.
MultiTerm Desktop is the desktop terminology management tool from. It can be used out-of-the-box as a standalone desktop tool to manage all your clients’ terminology, or its power can be enhanced in the translation environment through integration with Trados Studio.
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4. MultiTerm Extract
It is a quick and powerful software to create terminology from existing documents or translated content.
Please note: MultiTerm Extract is not included with MultiTerm Desktop.
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5. Passolo
Passolo is a software localization tool developed to make the translation of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) faster and easier. It can be integrated with Trados Studio for easy re-use of previously translated content and terminology.
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6. Passolo Add-ins

Passolo offers a range of optional add-ins.
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7. Studio GroupShare. (Translation Memory)
Centralize, share and control translation memories.
Studio GroupShare is the collaboration hub for small and medium-sized localization teams of project managers, translators, terminologists, and reviewers using Trados Studio and MultiTerm.
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8. Studio GroupShare. (Terminology Management)

Enables access to corporate glossaries through a wide range of tools to both internal and external users.
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