Today the demand of subtitling is higher than ever. Everybody is communicating throughout audiovisual media around the globe. Having 25 years of experience in communicating clients’ content to the Arabic region; we are more than prepared to handle the subtle task of subtitling with all its challenges.

You need a reliable partner to merge the subtitles naturally into the audiovisual rhythm till it feels invisible. In this sense, we will get the job done with ultimate comprehension and respect to cultural differences. We understand the difficulty of converting spoken text into written one, and the challenge of conveying the style and attitude of the original text into the target as authentic as it could be. For the technical part, we use the most up-to-date subtitling tools in handling SRT files, adjusting time coding, and embedding subtitles into the videos.

Whether it is an e-learning platform, an instructional video, a movie, or any type of media; let us deliver your content to the 420 million Arabic speakers around the world.