Software Localization

Software localization holds the key to opening up new foreign markets to software products. If your company is targeting new markets, having a software user experience that looks and feels fully designed for end users is an essential factor. Whether your product is a web app, mobile app, or on-premise software, Arabize has the knowledge and expertise to ensure flawless usability after localization.

Localization is more than just translation; it’s making the software relevant, useful, and appropriate to suit the local market culture and language. Arabize has an advantage with its experience in Arab region and internationalization infrastructure knowledge. We provide our in-depth knowledge of Arabic language, regulatory requirements, cultural differences, and linguistic connotations to make the translated software as functional for the intended market as if it’s never been localized. Furthermore, to ensure sensitivity to Arab culture, we effectively address many locale nuances, such as: date, time, and number formats; units of measure and currency conversion; and character restriction.

Working in the localization and translation business for two decades, Arabize provides high-quality software localization, ensuring localized content is functionally, linguistically, and culturally flawless. We have a dedicated team of experts in localization, language and subject-matter, project management, and quality assurance who work as your partners in success. Arabize makes sure your software speaks the language of your customers.