Localization & Translation

Arabize has been in the market since 1994 which to date has given it the chance to penetrate 25 Arabic-speaking countries. The experience it has garnered during those years has made it sharpen its services and processes. It also allowed it to develop and create some of the best teams and practices for the Arab marketplace.

A successful project entails a smooth process, starting with planning to project management to reviewing to getting approvals to the tools used and product upgrades. Since Arabize thinks long-term, all of this has to be managed right. To us it’s not just delivering the final localized product, but also delivering it on time and within budget for its successful launch.

Adapting the product and content to the Arab locale includes translating the product and any related information into Arabic, as well as adapting its features to the Arab culture. We use the latest translation and localization technologies available to increase output quality and reduce costs, while improving consistency and effectiveness of your message.

For more details on our Arabization, localization and translation services, check out the below sections:

Software Localization

Marketing and Communication