Localization Engineering

Localization engineering is a critical complement to any kind of localization work that aims to reach global market. Our localization engineering service guarantees the ability of localized products to work with diverse technologies and platforms. We are proficient at evaluating, extracting and reintegrating all types of localized content; whether software, website, help, video, flash, e-learning system, etc.

Localization Engineering mostly includes pre- and post-project prepping of files for different types of tasks including:

  • Performing file analysis
  • Handling tag and non-translatable text issues
  • Creating and maintaining translation memories (TMs)
  • Converting file formats
  • Leveraging pre-translations
  • Running different types of localization tests on different tools

Since Arabic is a unique language with different characteristics, it requires special handling. Being a right-to-left (RTL) language requires interface flipping, mirroring, and RTL and reading order alignment. TMs used for Arabic localization demand special maintenance to avoid the appearance of corrupted characters in files. Graphic and menu item resizing is usually required, since Arabic translations are usually longer from original texts. Hotkey adjusting is part of the localization engineering process too.

Our localization engineers are highly competent in using the standard localization tools as well as any client-specific tool. They also have extensive knowledge and experience with basic techniques and standard solutions. This enables them to create distinguished workarounds to streamline localization process, save time, avoid technical issues, and minimize costs.