Educational Content Re-creation

Educational content translation is one of the most important service sectors nowadays. Universal communication is now the centerpiece of illiteracy, as no system or content is ever viral without being gently planted in other cultures through multiple languages.
Our educational translation department has various experience covering almost all forms of educational content, from e-learning courses and trainings to curriculums and academic books. We also provide subtitling and transcription services for educational audiovisual content.
Arabize has been an effective member in the educational translation community, helping many institutions including Cambridge and Lionbridge to publish their translated educational courses in the Arabic region.
Arabize handles educational projects from the very first phases till the publishing phase. Our content team first assesses the learning objectives of the material, cooperating with translators to create a contextualization process through which the client’s cultural needs are perfectly considered and adapted. Along with the help of subject matter experts, we manage to create educational content that is also based on the appropriate scientific terminology and expressions. We also handle artwork, live photos, and layout so that the final content feels like it’s originally designed for the target locale.
Educational content is crucial and needs an optimized process to create a localized version that is adequate on all levels. We pride ourselves for having extensive experience that delivers your educational product efficiently.