There is a growing demand for instant access to rich content and up-to-date information. Therefore, content digitization is the most effective strategy to preserve your content. Arabize digitization services offer the perfect solution for enhancing your productivity enabling you to go paperless in a minimal turn-around time.

Why Digitize?

  • Easier information accessibility (24/7)
  • Minimal data storage and archiving space
  • Easy information retrieval through search and other features
  • More secure data storage
  • Adding market value, with potential of online market share

Our Digitization Services

Using state-of-art technology, Arabize provides high-quality digitization services. We have a team of expert engineers who make certain you achieve your desired goals. Furthermore, to ensure your standards are met, our quality control professionals conduct a post-editing and linguistic quality assurance phase after content is digitized.

Services include:

  • Data Capture (OCR-Special Scanning)
  • Specialty Scanning
  • Data entry
  • Page layout and composition
  • Repurposing source content for CD/Web
  • Indexing and cross referencing
  • Color separations and corrections
  • Conversion from different input formats (e.g.  books, newspapers, photos…) to a wide range of digital output formats (e.g. PDF, XML, xHMTL, JPEG, DOC…)