Documentation is a generic term; it refers to all documents created from scratch for different purposes. Such documents can be corporate-related, such as company publications, procedures, and quality policies. They can also be product-related, providing information describing a product to its users, such as hardware/software manuals, user guides, or online help.

Here at Arabize, the output documents of each type of documentation are professionally handled on all levels. All documents are skillfully produced with an audience-centric approach in order to provide all information needed by the target audience. Files are professionally written, with logical structures and flowing ideas. Comprehensibility and clarity are always there. In addition, for more effective documentation, output files can be readily submitted to any kind of update, change control and tracking. Other aspects like consistency, graphical design, linguistic correctness etc. are definitely taken into consideration.

To come up with the highest documentation quality possible, Arabize operates with the latest technologies and platforms. It also operates with a documentation team that consists of well-trained and experienced Documentation Specialists who combine the basic knowledge required, their diverse background information and documentation-specific knowledge all together. Skillfully enough, they are capable of collecting any kind of information from different types of mentalities in a well-organized, methodological way. Add to this, the company’s high spirit they have absorbed, which keeps them engaged in their jobs all the time.