The term content in general means something that is to be expressed through some medium form which could be any kind of information to be published, distributed, communicated or even transmitted to any audience. Content can be created and produced in different forms. It varies in type, scope, subject matter, and medium. A book, software manual, web page, newspaper, or any kind of data can all fall under the term content, as methods of information transmission. Irrespective of the language it is written in; content is not just a means for scaling up a business, but also a reflection of cultural identity.

The Arabic content reflects the richness of the Arabic language and disseminates the intellectual creations of the Arab culture. That is why Arabic content is valued. Lately, with the increasing number of booming markets in the Arab region, Arabic content has become significantly in demand. Hence, Arabize was encouraged by the demand to expand its activities to cover Arabic content services.

Moreover, with the breakthrough of modern technology, digital content has become the cornerstone of various fields like IT, e-learning, e-commerce, and telecommunication. This is what paved the way for the emergence of services such as content development, content management, and digitization. Arabize, in this regard, provides its partners with high quality content services, in both English and Arabic, to help them widely promote their businesses. At Arabize, we are mainly specialized in handling textual content including; text digitization, copywriting, copyediting, content collection, classification, technical writing, as well as information verification and validation.