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 “We Walk the Talk”; that is the precious comment we got from our auditor while obtaining the latest ISO certificate.

Aspiring to stand out mid market; we acquired the ISO 9001:2015 certificate from one of the most reputable ISO certification bodies; TÜV AUSTRIA. In our latest audit, the Lead Auditor Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim stated in the closing meeting that what differentiates us from others; is that our quality policy and procedures are the embodiment of our actual work. This statement was of greatest value for us as a team and as a company, because it conveys how far we have a strong quality management system that regulates operations and management and that conforms to universal standards. 

Our reputation in the international market is that we are incomparable on all levels.This is the outcome of 23 years of experience in the market and our commitment to continuous improvement.

Being the 1st localization and content company in Egypt acquiring the ISO 9001:2015 certificate, let us talk a little about the transition phase. Arabize started with the standard requirement; Context of Organization. Top Management stated Arabize strategic direction; which was “Expanding within the Language and Technology Industry”. We have been already working with this strategicdirection for a while; expanding our services to include Localization tools reselling, Training, Web Development, MT corpus preparation, and all Content-Related Services. A meeting was held afterwards including Top and Middle Management to discuss 2017 SWOT analysis.The internal and external factors were listed and studied, and a list of weakness and threats were detected to be managed as risks as well. Applying the real essence of the new standard, we find ourselves turning threats to opportunities and turning tables to our favor.

 Second phase was applying the risk-based thinking in all our processes and procedures.

This had a massive effect on the mentality of all Arabize team, since it regulated everyone’s perspective. The Engagement of all staff in this process, from translators to revisers, to project managers and managers was like a strong seed that grew into a unified culture. It makes a huge difference when you anticipate how things can go wrong and deal with them before they even happen. We strongly state how inspirational and effective this part was to our quality management system. It might be clear now that our real Competitive Edge is how serious we take Continuous Improvement as a fundamental element in our business. It is no wonder that our quality stands out mid the crowd.


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